Competition Information



Entrance for tournament couples     
Einlass für Turnierpaare:                 10:00

OPENING FOR GUESTS                   11:00 

Competition Start 
Turnier Start:                                     13:00

Semi-Finals/ Finals
Halb-Finale / Finale:                          18:30

VIP 3-Gang Menü:                             18:30



Boogie-Woogie World Masters / Cup 2017     

World Masters Main Class       /     World Cup Seniors & Juniors


Dear Boogie-Woogie friends

We are delighted to invite you to the Boogie-Woogie World-Masters 2017 in CH-Frauenfeld.

The date and venue: 10th June 2017 in Frauenfeld, Sportanlage Auenfeld.


For registration please respect WRRC rules and register using the WRRC registration software, through the respective national federations. Competition rules are available at


Details regarding the Competitions in Frauenfeld are available here.


We look forward to seeing many dancers from your country.

Best regards

Rock`n Roll Club Hot-Jumpers



Mail: mailto:

 Please note:    Changes are possible    (Competition Start, Door opening....)



 1)   Organizer:





Rock`n Roll Club Hot-Jumpers 

8500 Frauenfeld



 2)   Start authorization:


According to the rules of the WRRC


 3)   Date of the contest:


Saturday, June 10th 2017


 4)   Venue:




Sportanlage Auenfeld


CH-8500 Frauenfeld


 5)   Registration:


WRRC Registration Tool


 6)   Registration Office Check-in:







Auenfeld Frauenfeld:    

Friday, 9. June 2017 from 18:00h to 21:30h

Saturday,  10. June 2017  from 8:30h - 10:30h

Collection of the start books, competition information


SHUTTLE:     5 CHF  per Person and Way   (Vouchers available at the hotel at the tournament check in)


 7)   Registration deadline:


According to the rules of the WRRC


 8)   Accommodation:






















Our favourite Hotels are:

- Hotel Frauenfeld

  (Prices like IBIS Hotels..... /  1,7km near competition hall


  Double Room    85 CHF     (Price per Room incl. Breakfast)

  Single-Room     60 CHF      (Price per Room incl. Breakfast)

  4-Bed-Room    155 CHF      (Price per Room incl. Breakfast) 

EXTRA:  Coffee and tea bar FREE OF CHARGE  /  incl. Parking

Book here with Booking-Code: 


All Boogie-Dancers and Guests/Fans must book

and pay for the hotel themselves!

The bookings must be made directly with the hotels.

Please book as soon as possible  This hotel have 75 Bedrooms


Hotel Blumenstein


Double Room    90 CHF   (Price per Room EXCL. Breakfast) 10 CHF p/Person

3-Bed Room    120 CHF   (Price per Room EXCL. Breakfast) 10 CHF p/Person

4-Bed Room    150 CHF   (Price per Room EXCL. Breakfast) 10 CHF p/Person



 9)   Judges:




10)   Planned schedule:


Pleas look on our webpage


11)   Trainer Tickets:




Per nation and category we provide two Backstage-passes free of charge.

The names of the persons must be announced to the organizer

together with the registration of the Couples.


12)   Starting fee:



Starting fee (According WRRC rules).

World Masters & Cup  € 10.- per participant (€ 20.- per Couple)


13)   Expenses Prizes: 


Expenses according to the WRRC Rules.


14)   Tickets prices:


Please look on our Webpage:


15)   Health insurance:







All participants at the World Masters / Cup Boogie-Woogie

are obliged to have a valid health insurance

for the time of the competition.